January 22, 2002


* Roy Smith, 31, 215 Clarktown Road, Roan Mountain, was arrested Jan. 20 by the CCSD for public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia. Deputy Jeff Markland picked Smith up on Hwy. 19-E and noticed a small pipe on his person that appeared to have marijuana residue in it.
   * Robert Hampton, 31, 176 Bill West Road, Limestone, was arrested Jan. 19 for contempt. CCSD Officer Mike Commons made the arrest.
   * Guadalupe Sandoval, 32, 237 Reynolds Road, Elizabethton was arrested Jan. 20 for DUI and driving on a revoked license. CCSD Officer B.L. Huffman stopped to see if Sandoval needed anything when he noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his person. The officer conducted a field sobriety test on Sandoval, which he failed.
   * Oliverio Lopez, 39, 237 Reynolds Road, Elizabethton, was arrested Jan. 20 for public drunkenness. CCSD officer B.L. Huffman made the arrest.
   * Frank May, 36, 157 May's Road, Elizabethton, was arrested Jan. 20 for aggravated DUI. CCSD Deputy Jeff Markland pulled May over after he crossed both yellow and white lines. Markland performed a field sobriety test on May, which he failed.


* On Jan. 19 CCSD Sgt. Tim Lowe responded to a burglary at O'Delly's Restaurant, Highway 19-E, Elizabethton. Tony A. Powell, McCloud Road, Roan Mountain, called in the complaint. Powell told Sgt. Lowe that someone had broken into the restaurant, set off the fire alarm system and entered the cash drawer.
   Sgt. Lowe noticed a white powder substance over the floor and appliances. There were footprints in the substance. The cash drawer was lying on the floor. The entry is believed to have been through the roof. There was a ladder propped up against the back side of the building and the vent cover on the roof was propped open. The lock on the back door had been broken from inside the building. CID was notified and responded to the scene.


* CCSD responded to an accidental gunshot on Walnut Mtn. Road. Roger Lewis, 139 Betty St., Hampton, was target practicing when he accidentally shot himself in the leg with a .22 cal automatic. Sgt. Tim Lowe responded.

* CCSD responded to a burglary at the residence of Jeff Miller, 137 Cecil Vanhuss Road, on Jan. 18. When Miller returned from a fishing trip he found his front door unlocked and saw pry marks on the door frame. Five firearms were stolen from his home. Miller's landlord saw a jeep drive by his residence on Jan. 17. Another witness described the same vehicle and said she saw it stop outside of Miller's residence on Jan. 18. A young man wearing a dark hooded sweater jumped out and entered Miller's residence through the front door.

* On Jan. 19, Dennis Jackson, 148 Whaley Town Road, Butler, discovered two vehicles on his property. A witness stated that one of the vehicles was a gray Chevrolet S-10 Blazer and identified the driver. The witness said that the second vehicle was a dark colored SUV; the driver was not identified. Officer Matt Lunceford, CCSD, noted several ruts in the roadway near Jackson's residence.
   * Theresa White, 208 Lovers Lane, reported to the CCSD on Jan. 19 that when she went to her car to return home she noticed that the rear tire on the right side of her 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier had been slit.