December 21, 2001


* Carol R. Brandon, 19, 4260 Hwy. 19E, was arrested Wednesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Todd Hamm on a warrant charging him with assault and vandalism.
   * Russell Glen Shell, 44, 221 Sugar Hollow Road, Roan Mountain, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Deputy Todd Hamm on an attachment for contempt.
   * Kathy Ann Street, 36, 513 Birchfield St., Erwin, was issued a summons for shoplifting Wednesday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Brooke Mullins after she attempted to leave Wal-Mart with merchandise she had not paid for, according to the report.
   * Moses Coleman, 67, 503 Florence St., was taken into protective custody Wednesday by EPD Ptl. Jason Shaw after officers received a report of a man with a gun making suicide threats.
   * Jeffery L. Campbell, 41, 32015 Lyndale St., Johnson City, was arrested Sunday at Johnson City Medical Center by EPD Sgt. Kenneth Hardin on warrants charging him with seventh-offense DUI, fifth-offense driving on revoked license, habitual motor offender and violation of the seat belt law.
   * Christie Ann Brown, 26, 600 Trudy St.; Michael Joe Woodby, 28, 147 Mill Pond Road, Hampton; Theadore Joseph Searfoss, 29, 157 Scafford Branch Road; and Rebecca Gayle Estep, 27, 111 Earl Ave., were issued summons Wednesday by EPD Sgt. Roger Crowe after leaving Pizza Hut without paying for their meals. According to the report, Brown ordered a large pizza, four drinks and four salads, totaling $29.45. When the four had finished their meal, three of them went outside while Brown went into the bathroom. When she came back out, she asked the manager where her husband had gone, handed the manager a pizza box and said she would be right back. She went out the door and store personnel followed her, observing her jump into a running van with the other three and fleeing the scene. The vehicle was located shortly thereafter at Brown's residence, where the four were found hiding in a back bedroom. They were transported to the sheriff's department where summons were issued charging them with theft of property.
   * Robert Lee Hensley, 24, 410 Morlock Lane, Chuckey, was arrested Thursday by EPD Ptl. Shannon Peters following a traffic stop. Hensley was charged with DUI and violation of implied consent.
   * Jose Luis Ruelas Gaytan, 45, 631 E. Elk Ave., was arrested Monday by CCSD Deputy Laverne Julian and charged with assault under domestic violence.
   * Elizabeth Roark, 30, 135 Coleman Road, Hampton, and Hector Sandoval, 21, last known address 3500 Timberlake Road #29, were arrested Tuesday by officers of Johnson City Police Bureau on charges of selling 3 ounces of cocaine and conspiracy to distribute Schedule II narcotics. They were being held on $25,000 bond with a hearing set Jan. 3.


* Rhonda Vance, 142 Bill Lewis Road, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Gregg Nave that she came home and found her porch and yard had been damaged. Bannisters were broken, 20-30 landscape lights had been kicked across the yard, and bushes and a flowerbed had been damaged. Bushes and a porch bench also were stolen.
   * Samuel Caruthers, 136 Spicewood Lane, Roan Mountain, reported Wednesday to CCSD Sgt. Patrick Johnson that while he was away, someone entered his property and cut down several locust trees, hauling some away and leaving others lying around his property with several blocking the roadway.
   * Roemisa Ward, 41, 110 Rosetta Drive, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Shannon Deloach that she was renting a trailer at 103 Carl Smith Road and had been gone for 10 days. When she returned, she found the doors locked from the inside, a padlock on the back door and a "No Trespassing" sign on the front door. She called her landlord who told her he did not have the keys. Ward entered through a window and found several items missing, including a wooden door, two end tables, a CD player, electric heater, 10k gold rope necklace, earring and bracelet set, a lamp and several fishing poles.


* CCSD Lt. Rocky Croy was dispatched Wednesday to 214 Walter Stevens Road, Hampton, regarding a house fire. Wendy Ellis told the officer she was fixing french fries on the stove when the grease started smoking. She put a lid on it to smother the fire and picked up the pot to take it outside. On the way out, the lid fell off, causing the fire to flame up and sending hot grease onto her hand and foot. Ellis said when the grease hit the floor it started smoking and she attempted to put it out, to no avail. She then got her two small children outside and went to a neighbor's home to call 911. Roan Mountain, Stoney Creek and Hampton Volunteer Fire Departments responded. The house was a loss.


* Charles Belcher, 1088 Tiger Creek Road, Roan Mountain, reported Monday to Constable Capt. Landon Pritchard that he had a monthly planner inside his truck with a checkbook in it. He noticed it missing around Dec. 6 but did not know how long it had been missing. Belcher said as of Dec. 17, five checks all written Dec. 7 and totaling more than $800 had been presented against his account.
   * Martha Pilkington, 71, 112 River Road, reported Dec. 14 to CCSD Capt. Tom Harrald that she had found three checks missing from a checkbook she was not using. The checks, which she said she did not sign, had cleared the bank.

Aggravated robbery

* Sullivan County Sheriff's Office is looking for a female who approached a Food City customer around 7:05 p.m. Wednesday as she was getting inside her vehicle and robber her of her purse at gunpoint. According to Detective Lt. Joey Strickler, the woman was at Food City at the intersection of Moreland Drive and Fort Henry Drive in Kingsport when she was approached by a white female described as 5-feet-5, 120 pounds with brown hair. The woman brandished a silver color pistol and demanded the victim's purse, then got into the passenger side of an older model Ford Bronco driven by a white male with brown hair, and fled the scene. Persons with information are urged to contact Lt. Strickler at 224-1786 or 279-7506.