December 20, 2001


* Teddy Lee Berry, 41, 110 Hobson Road, Johnson City, was arrested Tuesday by CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan and K-9 Sgt. Kabor following a vehicle and foot pursuit. Deputy Ryan spotted Berry's vehicle on Gov. Alf Taylor Road and observed a driver's side tail light out. As the officer followed the vehicle, the driver sped up, running stop signs at Okalona Road and Milligan Highway, where he nearly struck a vehicle. The officer activated her unit's emergency equipment in an attempt to stop the vehicle, however, Berry sped up and attempted to overtake an eastbound vehicle, nearly striking an oncoming vehicle before swerving back into the eastbound lane. Berry eventually ended up on Max Jett Road, where he turned into a driveway and ran into the woods. The officer commanded Berry to stop or she would release Sgt. Kabor. Berry continued to flee and the officer released the K-9. Berry was found hiding behind a tree about 1/4 mile into the woods. He refused to surrender and was apprehended with the assistance of Sgt. Kabor. Berry was charged with seventh-offense DUI, sixth-offense driving on revoked license, felony evading arrest and violation of the habitual motor offender act.
   * Rebecca Gaye Sammons Estep, 27, 111 Earl Ave., was arrested Tuesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Shannon Peters after the officer observed a vehicle, traveling north on Allen Avenue, almost strike a parked vehicle. Upon inventory of the vehicle, 11 syringes were found in the dash of the vehicle. Estep was charged with driving on revoked license, possession of drug paraphernalia and violation of registration.
   * Lisa Fender, 33, 916-E Pine Ridge, was arrested Tuesday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Jesus Pena on a warrant charging her with violation of probation.
   * James Matthew Fee, 30, 1304 Tremont Ave., Bristol, was arrested Tuesday by CCSD Deputy Gregg Nave and charged with assault under domestic violence.
   * Kelly Wayne Greene, 43, 157 Chambers Hollow Road, was arrested Tuesday by CCSD Deputy Laverne Julian after the officer responded to a domestic call at the residence. Pamela Greene, 44, told the officer that her 17-year-old son was outside helping his father work when Kelly Greene became angry over an open tube of caulk, thinking his son had opened it. According to the report, Greene cursed his son, took off his belt and tried to hit the boy in the head but missed. The boy went inside and Greene followed him, asking if he had a problem. He then hit the boy with a closed fist in the mouth, busting it. He got the boy in a headlock, however, the boy managed to break free and shoved his father, who then ordered him to leave and not come back. Deputy Julian arrived, noted the boy's injuries, and that Pamela Greene told her she was afraid for their safety as her husband had abused her in the past, breaking her ribs and jaw. Greene was charged with assault under domestic violence and was served an order of protection.
   * David Richard Grimm, 46, 2952 Siam Road, was arrested Tuesday by CCSD Deputy Laverne Julian after the officer responded to a traffic accident in which the driver had fled the scene. The officer located a Toyota truck turned on its top in the middle of the road. A witness reported seeing the driver leave the vehicle and walk up the roadway, however, the officer was unable to locate him. Later, 911 received another call from a man who said he had seen someone walk out of his barn on Toll Branch and stagger up the road. The officer located Grimm, who attributed the wreck to a deer which ran out in front of him. Grimm was charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. He was administered a breathalyzer test, resulting in a blood alcohol content of .23 percent, or nearly three times the legal limit.


* Mark Depew, 31, 632 Toll Branch Road, reported Tuesday to CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan that he and his family had left the residence for about three hours and when he returned he noticed tracks in the wet yard in front of an outbuilding. According to the report, someone pried open the door of the outbuilding, taking a complete Craftsman tool set, a tree stand, Stihl weedeater and chainsaw, a reciprocating saw with silver case and a camouflage ammo gun box with 200 rounds of 7.62-caliber ammunition and 50 rounds of .38-caliber ammunition. Investigator Chris Pierce was called to process the scene.


* A mailbox at 189 Big Springs Road was damaged Tuesday by a homemade explosive device left inside. The force of the explosion turned the body of the mailbox inside out and sent it soaring 30 yards from its post. The door was found about 50 yards away, according to CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan. Residents in the area told the officer they heard an explosion and then saw a dark vehicle leaving the scene.  


* An elderly Carter County couple lost their home, their dog, and $1,300 in cash Sunday when their double-wide mobile home was swept by fire. Orval Pollard, 70, 127 Raven Rock Cove, told CCSD Sgt. Penny Cornett that he and his wife were not home at the time of the fire and that the cash and the dog had been left inside the residence. The mobile home was a total loss.