November 29, 2001


   * Nicholas Lee Baumgardner, 21, 26807 Denton Valley Road, Damascus, Va., was arrested Tuesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Matt Lunceford on a capias from General Sessions Court charging him with failure to appear on obtaining narcotics by fraud.
   * Joshua Alvin Trotter, 29, 601 W. G St., was arrested Tuesday by Constable Bobby Canter and charged with burglary and violation of an order of protection.
   * Keith Holtsclaw, 36, 120 Dan Cole Road, was arrested Tuesday by CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan after the officer responded to a 911 hang-up call. As the officer turned onto Dan Cole Road she encountered a female juvenile and the victim, Laura Holtsclaw, who told the officer she was looking for a juvenile. She said she and her husband, Keith Holtsclaw, had been engaged in a physical altercation and that her daughter had left the residence. The altercation began as a verbal argument over the juvenile son, according to Mrs. Holtsclaw. She said she and her husband were in the bathroom arguing when her husband struck her on the left side of the head, knocking her to the ground. As he went up the hallway to the kitchen, Mrs. Holtsclaw threw a pair of tweezers at him, striking him in the back of the head. He then struck her on the left eye with his fist, knocking her glasses from her face and breaking them. Mrs. Holtsclaw and the juveniles attempted to call 911 but Holtsclaw terminated the call before the caller could speak to the 911 dispatcher. Mrs. Holtsclaw's left eye was red, swollen and bruising. Holtsclaw was charged with assault under domestic violence.

Property damage

   * Richard Lewis, 54, 119 Lewis Cole Road, reported Tuesday to CCSD Deputy Dean Jones that he stopped at lot 3 in his trailer park and forgot to put the vehicle in park. The vehicle started rolling, striking the trailer and hitch and causing damage to the right side bumper and undercarriage.


   * Tray Winters, 54, 322 Rittertown Road, reported Tuesday to CCSD Deputy Rebecka Bowers that sometime during the night someone stole a flag he had mounted on the side of his vehicle. The vehicle was parked at his residence at the time.
   * Brian Church, 30, 322 Main St., Roan Mountain, reported Tuesday to CCSD Lt. Rocky Croy that on Oct. 15 someone entered his garage which was unlocked and took a Husky chainsaw, a weedeater, two Husky hedge clippers and a DeWalt drill. Church said he put the items in the garage the night before and didn't notice anything until the next day when he went to use the hedge clippers. Church said he has had items missing before but didn't report them.
   * Marilyn Ellis of Pierce's Grocery, 1033 Bristol Hwy., reported Tuesday to CCSD Deputy Dean Jones that when she opened the store Tuesday morning, she found the Pepsi machine damaged. The machine had been opened with what looked like a pry bar. Only the dollar bills were taken. A Pepsi machine at Hagy's Grocery in Watauga was done the same way, with all coins and coin boxes taken.
   * Tina Wyatt, 33, 202 Melrose St., Hampton, reported Tuesday to CCSD Deputy Eric Buck that someone had stolen her 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity from her residence. Before she filed the report, however, the vehicle was involved in a hit-and-run accident in the city.


   * Dwayne Humphrey reported Sunday to CCSD Sgt. Tim Lowe that a white female with blond hair and wearing a black jacket purchased items from the Sunoco on Highway 91 with five counterfeit $1 bills. Serial numbers on the bills included: B9904972A, B99684972A, B99824972A, B99784972A, B99784972A.


   * Emma Lou Keeling, 35, 343C, Hwy. 91, reported Tuesday to EPD Sgt. Roger Crowe that she had parked her vehicle at the Carter County Sheriff's Department parking lot around 9 a.m. while she went to court and when she came back at noon, she found the left side of her vehicle had been scratched all the way down with some sort of sharp instrument.
   * Regina Hopland, 104 Ridgecrest Drive, reported Tuesday to EPD Ptl. Jennifer Mayberry that around 6 a.m. she heard a loud boom like a gunshot and shortly after 2 p.m. found that her mailbox had been destroyed. The mailbox appeared to have been blown up, according to the report. All of the rivets in the metal were blown out and the box was in the shape of a flat square.
   * Linda C. Hamilton, 41, 444 E. Doe Ave., reported Tuesday to EPD Ptl. Shannon Peters that when she went outside Tuesday morning, she noticed the back window of her van was broken. A large rock was found lying inside on the floor.