October 23, 2001


   * Alejandro Oviedo, 31, 302 S. Sycamore St., was arrested Sunday by EPD Officer Jason McCall on charges of DUI, violation of open container law, driving on a revoked license, and violation of implied consent. According to the police report, Oviedo has three prior DUI charges against him, and three prior charges of driving on a revoked license.
   * Emma Lou Keeling, 35, 918C Pine Ridge Circle, was arrested Saturday on a domestic disturbance charge by the EPD. According to the police report, Keeling clawed her husband's face when he came to pick up their child for visitation.
   * Tammy R. Bennet, 38, 431 W. G St., was arrested Sunday by EPD Sgt. Brian Fraley on a service warrant. Bennet was also charged with possession of Schedule VI and possession of paraphernalia. According to the police report, officers found 4.5 grams of marijuana and a set of hemostats caked with residue in plain view on a coffee table in the living room of her apartment.
   * Faye L. Whitson, 46, 778 E. First St., Crossville, was arrested Sunday by EPD Capt. Rusty Verran on charges of DUI and possession of Schedule VI narcotics.
   * Lawrence E. Wasik, 48, 507 Field Road, was arrested Sunday by EPD Officer Mike McIntosh on a domestic disturbance charge. According to the police report, Wasik assaulted his wife by hitting her in the face. Wasik allegedly told police that he and his wife had been involved in a scuffle.

   * CCSD Deputy Chad Grindstaff responded to a vandalism call Sunday around midnight at 126 Humphreys Lane. According to the report, Grindstaff observed nacho cheese poured on the front porch, lawnmower, vehicles, and inside the mailbox. Popcorn and powdered cheese were also found on the front porch. Toilet paper and drinking straws were scattered on the lawn.
   According to the report, all items used in the incident appeared to come from a theater. An investigation will be made into the incident.

   * Herbert Earnest Vance, 88, 485 Rodgers Ridge Road, Newland, N.C., was killed Oct. 21 when his vehicle rolled backwards over him after he parked in a private driveway at 284 Spice Hollow Road, Johnson City, to retrieve a newspaper.
   Washington County Sheriff Fred Phillips said Vance retrieved the newspaper and was walking back across the roadway when the accident happened. The incident is still under investigation.
   Reins-Sturdivant Funeral Home, Newland, N.C., is in charge of funeral arrangements.