September 19, 2001


   * Stephen Pritchard, 33, and Crystal Chambers, 30, both of 138 Estep Hollow Rd., were arrested Monday by agents of the 1st Judicial District Drug Task Force. Agents went to the location to arrest another individual for violation of probation when Pritchard and Chambers drove up in a blue and white Ford pickup, inquiring about officers' actions. Chambers, a passenger in the vehicle, exited the truck, leaving the passenger door open. A DTF agent observed a spoon with residue lying in the floorboard -- an item commonly used to cook controlled substances to inject into the body. Officers searched the vehicle and found syringes, what was believed to be crack pipes with screen and residue, and cut straws. More syringes were found under the carpet on the passenger side while another spoon with residue and cook marks, and a syringe were found under the driver's seat. In all, three spoons and two pipes were located and sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation laboratory for analysis. Pritchard and Chambers were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and their bonds set at $2,500 each.
   * Chad Curtis White, 33, 192 Grindstaff Hollow Rd., was arrested Monday by agents of the 1st Judicial District Task Force on a warrant from General Sessions Court charging him with violation of probation.
   * Roger Hardin, 49, 606 N. Roan St., was arrested Monday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Shannon Peters. Hardin was charged with public intoxication.
   * James Wayne Fair, 44, 107 Cindy Dr., Johnson City, was arrested Monday by CCSD Deputy Wayne Pritchard on warrants charging him with failure to appear on a cruelty to animals charge and animals running at large. Fair also was served warrants charging him with failure to appear with fines and costs and violation of probation.
   * Gregory Lynn Pritchard, 34, 127 Burl Blevins Rd., was arrested Monday by CCSD Deputy Wayne Pritchard on a warrant charging him with violation of probation.


   * Bryan Burleson, 67, 2209 Hillrise Ave., reported Monday to CCSD Deputy Jeffrey Markland that a house owned by Buffalo Valley Christian Church had caught fire. The house was being rented, however, residents were not home at the time of the fire, which appeared to have started on the south side of the house. West Carter Volunteer Fire Department responded to the call. The cause was undetermined at the time of the report.
   * Michael Lynn Bishop, 40, 125 Emerald Hills Rd., reported Monday to CCSD Deputy Chris Pierce that he was traveling west on Highway 67 when he heard a knocking sound coming from his vehicle and observed flames coming through the cowl induction hood. Bishop pulled to the shoulder of the road with the vehicle partially engulfed in flames. Hampton Volunteer Fire Department was called to extinguish the blaze.


   * Herbert H. Street, 72, 115 W. K St., reported Monday to EPD Ptl. Richard Haney that he heard three or four gunshots early in the morning outside his home. Monday afternoon he noticed two bullet holes in the rear door of his van.

Code violations

   * Johnny Holder, 921 Folsom St., was issued a notice of violation of municipal code Monday by EPD Capt. Tom Bowers after the officer and Holder went to the property to inspect it for code violations. During the inspection, several violations were noted, including a junked Volkswagen turned up on its side, old aluminum storm windows stacked against a building, old tires, a truck bed sitting amid a patch of weeds, a large wood pile covered with weeds and vines, a car windshield, car parts, scrap lumber and other items scattered around one of the buildings. Holder said he intended to clean up the property as soon as he finished building a garage. Records show Holder was issued a building permit in April 1999. A reinspection date was set for Nov. 26.
   * A notice of violation of municipal codes was issued Friday to the owner of property at 1405 Garden Road, whose name was not listed in the police report. EPD Capt. Tom Bowers went to the property on a repeat inspection and found a truck hood leaning against the rear of the garage, a barrel of used oil which had been there on a previous inspection, a pile of lumber, cinder blocks, plywood and lattice which had been allowed to stay after a February inspection because residents said they were going to build on to the garage in the near future. No building had taken place, Capt. Bowers noted. Grass in the yard was nearly a foot high, a stack of old tires, bar bells, scrap metal and an oil tank also were found in the yard and the hedge had not been cut and was blocking the sidewalk. Capt. Bowers set a reinspection date for Sept. 25.