August 24, 2001


   * Rafael Alvaro Garcia, 43, 114 Linda Circle, was arrested Wednesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Shannon Deloach on a warrant charging him with failure to appear with fines and costs on a charge of dogs running at large.


   * Martha Evelyn Pilkington, 112 River Road, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Chris Pierce that someone known to her backed into her 1991 Cadillac while it was parked in front of her residence.
   * Roger Pritchard, 149 Melody Lane, and Wilma Taylor, 1542 Hwy. 91, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Tim Lowe that they bought a trailer at 149 Melody Lane and that the former tenant had been evicted from the trailer Wednesday. They said that when they went to check on the trailer, they found the front porch railing destroyed, a kitchen cabinet door broken, a hole knocked in the front door and the water line under the kitchen cabinet cut. Pritchard and Taylor advised the water to the trailer was cut off at the meter but someone had turned it back on and had cut the water line, leaving the water pouring onto the floor. A monitor heater valued at $2,000 also was taken.

   * Kimberly R. Berry, 31, 1294 Bluefield Ave., reported Wednesday to EPD Ptl. Tonya Scott that when she returned home around 9 a.m., she found the door, door facing and lock on her apartment had been damaged. Berry said she did not believe anything had been taken from the residence.
   * Michelle Primeau, 652 Jena Beth Drive, reported Wednesday to EPD Ptl. Jack Ramsey that sometime during the night, someone entered her car, which she had left locked, and had taken a Pioneer CD player, a speaker box with two 10-inch speakers, 120 CDs, a Pioneer tape deck and a Pioneer 12-disc CD changer. Entry was gained by using a lock-jock or similar tool, according to Ptl. Ramsey. The inside panel of the driver's side door had been forced open, as was the dashboard around where the stereo was mounted.
Theft of services

   * JoAnn Allen, manager of The Hair Depot, 1729 Hwy. 19E, reported Tuesday to EPD Ptl. Brooke Mullins that a customer came into the store at 9 a.m. and had her hair cut and colored, then told the manager she had forgotten her checkbook and couldn't pay and would drive home and return with the money. The customer left at 10:29 a.m. and called the store at 11 a.m. to say that she had cut her hand and had to go to the hospital to have it sewn up and would be by later to pay. The manager left the store around noon to go to the bank and spotted the customer at a pet store on Johnson Avenue. When the manager returned to the store, she called the customer again and spoke with her about her bill. The customer told the manager and Ptl. Mullins that she didn't have any money and couldn't pay for the services until Friday. She also told the officer she had placed a call to her lawyer about the incident. When asked her lawyer's name, she couldn't remember. Officers advised the manager of procedures for filing charges.

   * Penny C. Coffey, 38, 123 Reeser Road, reported Wednesday to EPD Ptl. Jerry Bradley that her 14-year-old son was not allowed to use the computer as punishment for bad behavior. The boy turned it on and when his mother turned it off, he grabbed her by the arms and pushed her around the house. She said he shoved her outside and slammed the door, then punched a hole in the door with his fist, picked up her vacuum cleaner and threw it down the hallway. The juvenile climbed out a window in the hallway before Ptl. Bradley arrived. Coffey was advised to seek a petition to place the juvenile in state custody for unruly behavior.