August 21, 2001


   * Rocky Dean Mullins, 35, and Sherry Lee Lyons, 38, both of 208 Happy Valley Road, Apt. 1, were arrested Saturday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Reserve Officer Maj. Dave Ryan and Deputy Penny Cornett after they responded to the residence regarding an intoxicated male. When the officers arrived, they found Mullins standing in the driveway, waving at officers. Mullins said he and his girlfriend, Lyons, had been in a fight and he had been stabbed. Mullins had a small cut on his chest and some scratches on his arms. Mullins said he had tried to get the knife away from Lyons and while doing so, she was stabbed in the leg. Both were treated by Carter County Rescue Squad and were charged with aggravated assault under domestic violence.
   * Wesley Shane Hughes, 28, 119 Caraville Ave., was arrested Saturday by CCSD Deputy Todd Hamm after he and Lt. Mike Fraley responded to the residence regarding an unwanted guest. Zettie Keenan told the officer that her nephew had been staying at her home for about a month due to marital difficulties and had begun acting strangely. The officer spoke with Hughes, who appeared very figidity and almost convulsive. Carter County Rescue Squad was called to check Hughes' medical condition. Hughes was asked twice by the officer whether he had been taking any drugs. The second time he was asked, he stood up and moved toward the officer, saying that he was getting angry and that the officer "hadn't seen anything yet." Hughes was told to calm down and that officers were there only to ensure his safety. Hughes again moved toward Deputy Hamm and was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.
   * Albert Theadore Hardy, 34, 1309 Rittertown Road, Hampton, was arrested Friday by CCSD Sgt. Keith Range after he, Deputy Sarah Ryan and Lt. Rocky Croy responded to a domestic dispute at the residence. While en route, officers were advised by 911 that they could hear Hardy threatening the victim, Caroline Hardy, 40, same address, and advised he made threats to kill her and would make sure "she was thrown from the Butler Bridge in the morning." When Sgt. Range arrived on the scene, he observed Albert Hardy dragging a dresser from the house and throwing it off the front porch. The officer approached Hardy, who was in a rage and yelling profanities, according to the report. The officer also detected an odor of alcohol about him. Hardy was taken into custody. Mrs. Hardy said her husband had just gotten out of Johnson City Jail and had become belligerent, blaming her for his incarceration. She said he then began throwing her belongings out of the residence and also threw a coffee maker through the kitchen window and into the yard, breaking the window. Hardy was charged with assault and vandalism under domestic violence.
   * Norman Lynn Parlier, 19, 192 Keg Mottern Road, Watauga, was arrested Sunday by CCSD Deputy Shannon Deloach on a warrant charging him with violation of probation.
   * Patricia Moffitt, 25, 306 S. Watauga Ave., was arrested Friday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Jesus Pena and charged with criminal trespassing after she was found on Elizabethton Housing Development Authority property. She also was served a warrant charging her with violation of probation.
   * William J. Smith, 40, 504 Sunset Drive, was arrested Saturday by EPD Capt. Clyde Croy following a traffic stop. Smith was charged with DUI and violation of implied consent.
   * Donald W. Watson, 44, 614 Trudy St., was arrested Saturday by EPD Ptl. Shannon Peters after the officer responded a second time during his shift to the residence regarding a domestic dispute. According to the report, Angela D. Watson, 38, same address, said she was on the phone when Donald Watson came into the room, took the phone away from her and jerked it out of the wall. The officer noted the phone was missing and the phone jack and mount pulled away from the wall and hanging down toward the floor. The officer had been to the residence earlier because Watson had thrown the phone in the trash can outside, according to the report. Watson was charged with vandalism under domestic violence.
   * Lawrence D. Coffey, 38, 123 Reeser Road, Johnson City, was arrested Sunday by EPD Ptl. Jennifer Mayberry after the officer responded to the residence on a domestic call. Mrs. Coffey said their 14-year-old son had logged on to the Internet to check his e-mail and his father told him to get off the computer. Mrs. Coffey said the boy didn't have school the next day so it was all right if he was up later than usual. She said her husband then went outside, cut the phone lines and pulled them out of the wall. The youth corroborated his mother's story and advised the officer that his father had pushed him into the wall and had choked him. Coffee was charged with assault under domestic violence.

Property damage

   * Paula Hawkins, 41, 2846 Hwy. 91, reported Saturday to CCSD Deputy Rick Taylor that she was traveling north on Bristol Highway when a tire rolled off an embankment at 1261 Bristol Highway and struck the roof and driver's side passenger door of the vehicle, causing several hundred dollars worth of damage. Witnesses said that after the tire rolled from the bank, someone wearing a striped shirt ran from the hill. The suspect was not found.


   * CCSD Deputy Chris Pierce responded Thursday to 145 Little Mountain Church Road, Roan Mountain, regarding a mobile home fire. Tonya Waycaster, 26, told the officer that she had lit a candle and had set it on the bathroom vanity. A few minutes later, the bathroom was on fire, she said. Waycaster said her cat may have knocked the candle in the floor, where it was found. Roan Mountain Volunteer Fire Department responded.

Child found

   * EPD Ptl. Jason Shaw and Brook Mullins responded around 5:10 p.m. Friday to the area of Park Avenue and Stateline Road after receiving a report of a 3-year-old child running down the road by himself. Jodye Tipton, 220 Bunker Hill Road, and Wanda Cash, 2717 S. Roan St., Johnson City, said the child came down Arney Street and they picked him up at Stateline Road before he crossed the roadway. One of the women transported the child to the police department. The child's mother came to the police department and told officers that she had left the child with her 56-year-old stepmother while she went to Butler to get water. The step-grandmother said she and the child went to sleep and when she woke up she thought the child's mother had come and gotten him while she was sleeping. She said she thought the doors to the residence were locked but that the child must have left while she was sleeping. No charges were placed.