July 18, 2001


   * Johnathan A. Diamond, 19, 710 Chestnut St., was arrested Monday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Jason McCall after the officer responded to a physical domestic call between mother and son. When the officer arrived, he saw Daimond on the front porch of the residence, however, when Diamond saw the officer, he ran back into the house and apparently left through an open window. He was spotted running up Beech Street by EPD Ptl. Mike McIntosh. Following pursuit by McCall, McIntosh and Ptl. Brooke Mullins, Diamond was found in the driveway of 613 Cedar Ave. He was ordered to get on the ground numerous times, but refused. Ptl. McCall drew his weapon, then grabbed Diamond by the left arm and shirt collar and forced him to the ground, where he was handcuffed and charged with evading arrest. He also was served a capias for failure to serve jail time on violation of probation.
   * Richard Zorawski, 21, 308 E. Cottage Ave., was arrested Tuesday by EPD Ptl. Brooke Mullins after the officer was dispatched to 409 Brandon St., regarding vandalism to a vehicle. Tammy A. Draper, 40, 308 E. Cottage Ave., told the officer that she was staying with her friend Linda Birchfield, 39, 409 Brandon St., when her ex-boyfriend, Zorawski, showed up and slashed the two passenger side tires on her car. Birchfield called 911 and said Zorawski had a tire tool in his hand and was threatening to smash her truck windshield. As Ptl. Mullins was explaining to Draper the procedure for charging Zorawski, he turned and ran from the scene. Ptl. Mullins chased him approximately three blocks, then took him into custody. He was charged with vandalism under domestic violence and evading arrest.
   * Kevin T. Layman, 36, 5640 W. 35th St., Cicero, Ill, was arrested Monday by EPD Ptl. Brooke Mullins following a traffic accident in front of Inland Container. Layman was observed sitting in the driver's seat of a green Jeep with his head hanging down. When the officer approached the vehicle, she detected a strong odor of alcohol. Layman refused medical treatment and told the officer the collision happened when he swerved to miss another car in his lane and hit the right curb, veering into oncoming traffic and hitting a 1992 Chevrolet truck. Layman was administered a field sobriety test which he attempted but was unable to complete. He then told the officer he was refusing to submit to any more tests and also refused to submit to a blood/alcohol test. He was arrested and charged with DUI, violation of implied consent, and violation of open container.
   * Alisha Diane Ashley, 20, 1942 Gap Creek Road, was arrested Monday by Constable Landon Pritchard and charged with aggravated burglary.
   * Cassandra D. Silcox, 41, 177 Demolition Road, Johnson City, was arrested Monday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Lt. Mike Fraley and charged with DUI.

   * Wanda Blackwell Gifford, 52, 1292 Blue Springs Road, reported Monday to EPD Ptl. Jason McCall that when she went in to work at Total Care laundry, Highway 19E, she noticed the drawer behind the counter had been opened. A set of keys was taken in the break-in and the Coke machine door was found unlocked, however, no money or sodas were missing.