Taylor fills in as interim CEO

Photo by Kristen Luther
Scott Williams, who is leaving his position as CEO of Sycamore Shoals Hospital, was honored by the hospital staff with a reception on Thursday afternoon. Williams with the new year will be taking a similar job in ALabaster, Ala. He and his wife are pictured as they prepare to greet friends.

Dwayne Taylor

  By Jennifer Lassiter


  Sycamore Shoals Hosptial's CFO and Assistant Administrator, Dwayne Talyor, will take over as the hospital's interim CEO beginning Jan. 1, 2005.
  After managing and overseeing the hospital's finances for the last 10 years, Taylor will be wearing two hats for the next month or so as he continues his current duties as CFO as well as taking over for Scott Williams.
  "Scott Williams has done a great job," said Taylor, 38. "We have a fantastic medical staff and employees here."
  The Elizabethton native graduated from Unaka High School in 1989. Taylor later graduated from ETSU with a Bachelor of Business Administration and eventually completed his Masters degree in 2001.
  As a first priority, Taylor plans to keep clear lines of communication and continue the direction of the hospital's current strategic plan. "Communication with board members, team members, and community leaders is essential," he said.
  As CFO Taylor describes the hospitals financial state as doing well from a cash flow stand point, but assistance is needed from Mountain State Health Alliance, for capital expenses.
  Taylor feels that Tenn Care reform is likely to happen, although the program is financial limbo. Sycamore Shoals recovers 15 cents on the dollar for Tenn Care, and according to Taylor they do lose money on Tenn Care patients.
  "People are going to still need service regardless of if they have a insurance card in their pocket," said Taylor. "I hope whatever happens doesn't effect the community."
  Taylor has applied for the full-time position of CEO, and feels he is good candidate for the position. "I am very excited about this position," he said.
  Taylor resides in Elizabethton with his wife, Marsha Taylor and their two children Kirsten, 10, and Weston, 8.