Santa anticipated soon at High Road Custom Cycle

Photo by John Bryant
Santa Claus is expected soon by High Road Custom Cycle, owned by Allan Elder (right) and his son, David Elder.
  By Greg Miller
  Santa Claus is expected soon by High Road Custom Cycle, owned by Allan Elder and his son, David Elder.
  "He's ready to come at about any time," David Elder said. "He just stops and picks up some stuff every once in a while."
  High Road has items that will fit under the Christmas tree, as well as some that are so large they will have to be placed next to the tree. "We do have some bikes left that are on consignment from other individuals," David said. "We have a couple of Harleys for sale. We have a nice small sport bike for sale, and an older dirt bike...and lots of little parts and pieces that would fit real well under any Christmas tree."
  The Christmas spirit "is always high around here," David said. "We always enjoy Christmas. This is a family business. It's always been a family business. My kids are very involved and spend a lot of time over here after school. They will be here a lot over the Christmas break. It's very much a family and Christmas-spirited atmosphere."
  Allan and David sell tires for a variety of motorcycles, including dirt bikes and sport bikes. They sell spark plugs, oil and oil filters, parts and accessories for Motocross events, helmets, as well as everything from leather to chrome for Harleys. They also sell T-shirts.
  "When it comes to motorcycles, there's not much we can't get," David said. "We're always trying to get more resources for parts and accessories."
  "We try to do it all," remarked Allan. "We try to do everything related to motorcycles."
  According to Allan and David, the number one goal at High Road Custom Cycle is to increase the shop's inventory and to build a strong customer base. Since the shop opened last Dec. 1, Allan and David have noticed a steady increase in the number of customers. "And we're going to continue to do more to dress up the outside to attract more people," David commented.
  Allan and David were in business in Illinois for four years. In their first year, they were recognized by the local and state Main Street organization for new businesses.
  High Road Custom Cycle, which custom builds motorcycles for customers, is located at 5560 Highway 19E, Hampton. The shop is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. The shop will be open until about 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve.
  For more information, call 725-4000, e-mail, or log onto the Web site,