Evans: Playing is 'intense'

Leanna Evans, a senior, plays the clarinet in the Elizabethton High School band.
  By Greg Miller

  For Elizabethton High School senior Leanna Evans, playing the clarinet is a pleasant and "intense" experience.
  "I get happy and excited and pumped up, I suppose, if I'm playing," Evans said.
  Evans, who became a band member in the sixth grade, plays in an ensemble at school, as well as in the orchestra at First Baptist Church. After her graduation, she hopes to continue playing at church.
  Playing the clarinet in church, Evans says, helps her to express her faith through music. "I'm Bound for the Promised Land" is Evans' favorite song to play in church. "It's telling me that I am strong and I can do everything through Christ," she stated.
  Evans encourages other students to become members of the band. "I would just tell them it's a great learning tool," she said. "The music is like a puzzle. You take parts and you put them together. After all of it comes together, it's just an awesome and an amazing thing."
  Evans recalls that her friends told her that playing the clarinet was awesome. "I guess I played it because it was pretty, I thought," remarked Evans, who said the clarinet's music produces a sort of alto sound.
  Evans, who is aspiring toward a career as a cosmetologist, likes the concert portion of the band year more than she does the football season.
  Band members have a "pretty good" relationship, according to Evans. "Sometimes there's arguments, but we work through them," she commented. "It's a whole lot like a family."