Massage therapist Shell offers Fijian massage

Photo by Kristen Luther
Massage therapist Luster Shell is now offering the Fijian massage to her clients.

  By Greg Miller

  "I have a new massage technique that I am really excited about," said Luster Shell, massage therapist.
  The Fijian massage "will help your body to be much more relaxed in a much shorter frame of time," Shell said. "It really stretches out the knots. This is very effective for loosening you up. It really helps to loosen up the muscles quickly, and it feels really good. It feels different because the touch of a foot is totally different from the touch of a hand.
  "I use my feet to do the massage work," Shell said. "It doesn't use any oil. You wear your clothes, preferably something that's soft. No jeans, because they're too tough to try to work through. Nothing slick, like silk...or slick polyester. Cotton loose clothes is better, short or long sleeves, it doesn't matter.
  "There are a few requirements on the client's part, which kind of limits the effectiveness or the workability" of the Fijian massage by Lolita Knight, Shell said. "It's not for everybody."
  Clients must be able to lie down on a massage pad on the floor, then get up off the pad. "It's custom made," Shell said. "It's three inches thick. It feels wonderful while you're laying on it, but you have to get down there. I also use pillows to support different parts of your body, depending on how we're working with you.
  "I use my feet, and work on you while you are laying there, on your stomach, on your back and on your side. This work is for the people who really want the deep tissue work. It's not for the older people who have fragile bones. It's basically not for pregnant females, because I think it's too much work on her trying to get up and down; at a certain point in your pregnancy, you're not going to be able to do it. It's much better to do something like the Swedish work for that."
  Various parts of the foot are used during the massage. "I even use my toes, the inside of my instep where they refer to it as the bunion bone...and also use the ball of my foot," she said.
  Shell works for both Sycamore Shoals Hospital (SSH) and Franklin Health & Fitness Center (FH&FC).
  In addition to visits in her office, Shell is available to go to residences, nursing homes and businesses. Clients are seen on an appointment-only basis. For more information, call 542-0611.