Pro Sound Car Audio: 'We've got the toys to make the noise'

One of the slogans at Pro Sound Car Audio is "We've got the toys to make the noise." Pictured, Richard Bowers, manager (right); and Bill Lambert, sales and graphics.

  By Greg Miller
star staff

  One of the slogans at Pro Sound Car Audio is "We've got the toys to make the noise."
  "We specialize mostly in car audio," said Richard Bowers, Pro Sound's manager.
  Major car audio brand names sold by Pro Sound include Kenwood, Pioneer, Panasonic, and JVC. Major brand names of amplifiers and sub woofers include Rockford Fosgat, Massive, and Matts.
  "We keep a large selection and a big inventory in stock of all the electronics, CD players, amplifiers and speakers, and all installation products," Bowers said.
  Window tinting is another major service at Pro Sound, and people have their windows tinted for a variety of reasons. "One of the main reasons is to protect the interior of the car and to keep it cool," remarked Bowers, who said the tinting also helps protect people's skin from ultraviolet rays.
  "A lot of people have tint exemptions from the state, and they get theirs tinted very dark. They are allowed to do that because of their medical conditions."
  Window tinting jobs take about half a day to complete "on most passenger cars, probably two hours on a truck," Bowers said. Owner David Ellis does all the window tinting.
  Window tinting brand names include Llumar. "We guarantee all window tinting for as long as the original purchaser has the car," Bowers said.
  Vehicle graphics and decals, magnetic signs, business front lettering, banners, and car accessories, such as vent shades, custom vehicle tags, and headlight and tail light covers are also among the products offered by Pro Sound.
  Ellis started the business in 1989, tinting car windows at his home. The current building was constructed in 1990. "It's been steadily growing ever since," Bowers said.
  Customer service "is one of our highest priorities" at Pro Sound, Bowers said.
  Pro Sound Car Audio is located at 120 W. Elk Avenue. The business is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
  In addition to Bowers, employees include Bill Lambert, sales and graphics; and Randall Baker, installer.
  For more information, call 542-5683.