ETSU student stabbed to death in Knoxville

  From Staff Reports
  KNOXVILLE -- A University of Tennessee graduate student who received her bachelor's degree from East Tennessee State University was stabbed to death in her apartment here Monday, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office.
  Johnia Hope Berry, 21, 404 Rhodora Rd., Brendon Park Apartments, was with her roommate, Jason Aymami, when the stabbing occurred. Aymami also received multiple stabbings and was able to escape the apartment and run to a convenience store for help, according to Martha Dooley, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office. Police received the call around 4:15 a.m., and an investigation is ongoing, she said.
  Aymami was listed in stable condition at the University of Tennessee Medical Center Monday night.
  Cammy Walt, assistant manager of Weigel's Farm Store on Cedar Bluff Road, said Aymami had multiple stab wounds when he entered the store.
  "He was bleeding everywhere; we had to have vendors replace some of the food items," said Walt.
  According to her mother, Joan Berry, who lives in Atlanta, Johnia Berry was a cheerleader at Tennessee High. After graduating from ETSU last summer, she moved to Knoxville to study for her master's degree in psychology and criminal law.
  "We were devastated," she said. "Just devastated. She was a caring and wonderful person."
  Joan Berry said she had no details about the death of her daughter. The only information she had came from hospital officials.
  Cami Kind, 21, a high school friend of Berry's who is attending college in Charleston, S.C, said she was shocked to hear the news.
  "I don't see how anybody could do that to somebody like her," Kind said. "I'm kind of in shock right now. She was always just full of life, a very positive person who was always willing to help people."
  Kind's mother, Mimi, who was Berry's cheerleading coach at Tennessee High, called her "one of my little girls."
  "I just can't imagine," Mimi Kind said. "She was a very sweet and outgoing kid. The whole cheerleading squad was a real close group."
  It was not known whether there were any suspects or arrests in connection with the stabbings.