Central eighth-grader wins

photo by John Bryant
Stephanie Davis, a student of Central Elementary, is the most recnt winner of the Newspapers in Education Essay Contest. Stephanie is shown with her Teacher, Kathy Jo Buck (left), and Cynthia Vaughn of AmSouth Bank.

   NIE October essay contest

  Stephanie Davis, an eighth-grader at Central School, was winner of the Newspaper In Education Essay Contest for October. Her essay is printed in its entirety:
  What was that? Did you see that car? It was hovering!

  One hundred years from now I expect the world to be more advanced in science and technology. I expect hover cars and the like will be normal household items. Space travel will probably be popular for everyone, not just astronauts. I don't think there will be any pollution because there will probably be some kind of invention to get rid of it. If I should live to see the world 100 years from now, I would be surprised at nothing.

  Even today, seemingly impossible feats are made possible by science and technology. We can make exact replicas of animals through cloning. We can communicate with people around the world in just a matter of seconds. I imagine the advances that will be made in 100 years! I wouldn't be surprised if in 100 years, we would be able to have a picnic on Mars; programming computers will be child's play; and space ships will be parked in every driveway. Unfortunately, I will never be able to prove my predictions, but it makes for an excellent daydream.

  "Round trip to Mars, Venus, Saturn and Pluto. Now boarding." Space travel will probably be much more common and reasonable in 100 years. Going on vacation to Jupiter will be like going to the beach. It sounds impossible, but after comparing 100 years ago to now, anything can happen. Space suits will hang in everyone's closet, and the Bahamas will seem dull. I wouldn't even dream of setting foot on Mercury, but it may be possible then. It's an exciting thought that one day some of my relatives may be able to travel, or even live in space.

  Today, pollution is a major problem, especially in places like New York and LA. Fresh water is getting harder and harder to find. In 100 years, I think that the pollution problem will be eliminated. Surely, there is some kind of invention that would be able to clear the air, land and water of harmful substances. When I look at everything else that's possible now, it doesn't sound too difficult. I don't think that there will be any smog or anything like that then. Why would there be? Why would they have all of this scientific ability, and not use it to make the world a better place to live?

  One hundred years from now, this world will hardly be recognizable. Science and technology will advance by leaps and bounds and space travel will be a piece of cake. Pollution will be nonexistent and there will be no such thing as the word impossible. My predictions may never come true, but why not? Anything's possible. Isn't it?