Bells too often silent, and kettles go empty

  Although the calendar says Christmas is just three weeks away, it doesn't feel much like the holidays just yet. There's one sure way to get yourself in the Christmas spirit: Grab a bell and ring for the Salvation Army. Even better, drop some coins and bills in the red kettle at the local Wal-Mart.
  The red kettle money will go to help the army's many programs, including homeless families who live at the army's shelter. The shelter provides them with beds, showers, meals, counseling and case management.
  There are lots of stores that won't let the Salvation Army ring bells at their stores for various reasons. Therefore, it is important, that when you do find a red kettle and bell ringer that you give generously.
  There's many reasons to give -- the hungry, the homeless, the hurting, and the less fortunate.
  This season, put the Salvation Army on your shopping list....your donation will go far in helping many.