Desert Storm provided 776th with many duties

From Staff Reports

   The 776th Maintenance Company was activated during Desert Storm and performed a variety of duties according to Lt. Col. in Retired Reserve Brad Moffitt.
   They provided a key element to the surprise attack of Baghdad at Log Base Bostogne, which was a military operation center for supplies and maintenance.
   Moffitt said the base was built up to occupy 1,500 at a time, which made the Iraqi military believe that an attack would come from Log Base Bostogne. The base appeared to be the major thrust of a land attack on Baghdad.
   The 776th helped rebuild the city of Kuwait, repaired police cars, fixed bars and cages in zoos and cleaned up the American embassy.
   Two generators were placed in a hospital and in a meat packing plant by the soldiers and they also assisted the Navy Seals in disarming mines located in the sea, Moffitt said.
   "You name it, they did it over there," he added.