Woman arrested after taking baseball bat to ex-husband's house

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   A 31-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday and charged with multiple offenses after she allegedly entered her ex-husband's home and demolished some of his personal property with a baseball bat.
   Kelly Richey, of 184 Oak Drive, Apt. 7, Gray, was arrested Tuesday afternoon by Carter County Sheriff's Department Inv. Laverne Julian and charged with aggravated burglary, vandalism over $10,000 and theft.
   According to reports, on Nov. 26, Helen Shell told two Sheriff's Department officers that someone had broken into the residence of her son, Clifford Richey, 223 Fork Mountain Rd., Roan Mountain, and had vandalized the residence and stolen some personal property.
   A report by Laverne Julian states that Richey entered the house though a bedroom window at the rear of the residence. "Once inside the home the intruder vandalized the entire inside, breaking glass pictures, windows, busting the big screen TV, the computer, the glass shower door, all the mirrors, cutting the bed mattress with a sharp object, leaving the refrigerator door propped open, stopping up the bath tub and kitchen sink and leaving the water running," Julian states in his report. "Things were tossed about the home and destroyed."
   When the investigator spoke with Clifford Richey, he reported that two shotguns, a television, a DVD player, approximately 125 compact discs and a Craftsman router were missing from the residence. Mr. Richey told the investigator that the only suspect in the incident was his ex-wife, Kelly Richey, from whom he had gotten a divorce in February of this year.
   Investigators called Kelly Richey for an interview. "At first Mrs. Richey denied knowing anything about the incident, then confessed to committing it," Julian stated. "Mrs. Richey gave a written statement saying that she climbed through the window and used a baseball bat to destroy the home, and then turning on the water and leaving it running before she left."