Men posing as EES employees scam women out of $700

The Elizabethton Electric System has issued a warning to area residents of a possible scam in the county.
   Brent Dugger, EES spokesman, said on Thursday two men knocked on the door of a Watauga home, and told the two women occupants they were from the Elizabethton Electric System and needed to check the breaker panel.
   Dugger said while one man kept the residents occupied, the other man went to a different part of the house. After the two men had left the home, the two residents realized $700 was missing.
   According to the two occupants, the men were in an unmarked white truck with dual rear wheels.
   Dugger warns that many scams happen during the holiday season, and elderly residents are especially targeted. "Scammers target the elderly because they are known or often have large amounts of cash in their homes. Residents should be very cautious about whom they allow in their homes," he said.
   He also noted that electrical work performed by EES employees is "outside electrical work" and all outside EES employees wear clothing and drive vehicles which are plainly marked and identified with the EES logo.