Overturned log truck brings first responders out in snow storm

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Staff

The driver of a logging truck was uninjured Wednesday when his vehicle overturned on Fiddler's Branch Road due to yesterday's snowstorm. The accident was among the first traffic mishaps that have occurred as a result of winter weather.
   The Carter County Sheriff's Department, Hampton Fire Department, and Emergency Management Agency responded to the call Wednesday shortly after 9:30 a.m. The driver was traveling south on Fiddler's Branch Road just before the snow storm started gaining momentum.
   "The call came in before the road started getting white," CCSD Sgt. Keith Range said.
   Poor road conditions delayed first responders in reaching the site of the accident because they had to navigate narrow, slippery roads cautiously to reach the toppled truck.
   The driver was not at the scene when Sgt. Range arrived. He had exited the truck through the driver's side window of the fully loaded truck, and went to get help.
   Sgt. Range made an initial assessment of the accident and determined that the log truck needed to be moved from the road in order to prevent further accidents. The position of the overturned truck, along with icy roads, added to the difficulty of moving the truck. "I don't think they'll be able to get it out today in this weather, but it has to be moved off the road," Range said.
   Diesel and oil leaking from the truck's engine brought EMA Director, Jim Burrough out in the inclement weather. His biggest concern was determining whether or not the leaks were running into any streams. "It is not polluting any streams right now," Burrough said.
   While Burrough and members of the Hampton Fire Department worked to contain the leaks, the driver returned to the scene with equipment to transfer the logs. He began working to move the log truck from obstructing Fiddler's Branch Road.