Constable injured Friday during traffic stop

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   A Carter County Constable was injured during a routine traffic stop on Old Lewis Road early Friday morning.
   Constable Harvey Shafer was assisting Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Tim Tester on a traffic stop when he was injured just minutes after midnight.
   Tester asked the driver of the vehicle, Jerome Rhea, 30, to step back out of the vehicle. At that time, Tester asked Rhea to follow him to his cruiser to speak to him.
   While the officer was talking with Rhea, the passenger in the car, reported to be Bradrick Greenlee, 28, slipped into the driver's seat and then attempted to flee the scene of the traffic stop.
   "As I approached the car, the passenger jumped over to the driver's seat and so I jumped up and tried to grab the keys out of the vehicle," Shafer said.
   Shafer was unsuccessful in getting the keys and the passenger began to drive away from the scene. Shafer, who was dragged by the vehicle approximately 20-25 feet, sustained injuries to his right leg according to reports. "It was pretty much just a scrape," he said.
   Tester attempted to apprehend the vehicle, but was unsuccessful in locating it.
   "We know who he is though," Shafer said. "Tim's already drawn up warrants on both of them."
   As of Saturday night, CCSD officers had been unable to locate the vehicle or Greenlee.