Stolen vehicles recovered in Hampton

From Staff Reports

   Two vehicles reported stolen Friday morning by Bob McClain, 814 Deerfield Lane, Hampton, were recovered later Friday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Keith Range.
   A 1999 red Ford F-250 diesel valued at about $30,000 and a 1992 red Ford Ranger valued at about $3,000 were recovered from a plateau on a stretch of road above Hampton Bait Shop where old Highway 19E formerly was located.
   While taking the stolen vehicle report, Sgt. Range received information from Johnson City Police Bureau that personal items and papers from the Ford Ranger had been found in the parking lot of Builders Supply, 407 E. State of Franklin Road, Johnson City.
   After leaving the McClain residence, Sgt. Range said he recalled a conversation with sheriff's department dispatcher, Mary Miller, about seeing headlights up on the mountain across from the bait shop. While traveling on U.S. 19E toward Elizabethton, Sgt. Range observed what appeared to be a red truck on one of the plateaus. The officer investigated and found the two vehicles which had been reported stolen in the location where Miller previously had seen headlights.
   Three chickens with their heads snapped off were found near the vehicles. One of four juveniles believed involved in the incident was questioned Friday afternoon at the sheriff's department. Sgt. Range said the juvenile told him he had no knowledge of the chickens.
   Carter County Sheriff John Henson said he did not believe the birds were related to any satanic ritual but might have been the work of a raccoon or an opossum.