Commission approves subdivision, rezones

By Megan R. Harrell


   The Carter County Planning Commission gave the owners of Opal Brook Subdivision the go ahead Tuesday night. The owners hope to begin selling their 17 lots off Hwy. 91, Stoney Creek, in January. The entire subdivision is 16.5 acres and lots range in size from one-half to two acres each. The lots are for sale by owners Kevin and Angie Clark and Perry and Donna Williams, Stoney Creek.
   In other business, the Commission adopted administrative rezoning ordinances. The areas affected are the Hwy. 91 Corridor, Cripple Creek Loop, South Roan Street and the Okalona Exit area.
   The changes will take in businesses and homes that were missed in previous zonings. The rezoning should add to the value of industries affected by the new boundaries. "Business owners are finding out when they go to refinance that they are not getting the amount of money they should for commercial properties," said Chris Schuettler, Director of Planning and Zoning.
   The Commission also discussed drainage problems in the Colonial Acres Subdivision. A subcommittee will be sent to the area to assess the problem and will then refer it to the Highway Committee for action. The Commission continues to struggle with cleaning up private properties in the county. They discussed action against property owners that are in violation of county ordinances. Those in violation that do not respond to the Commission's request for clean up will go before the court.