White's donates Thanksgiving dinners

Photo by John Bryant
Store employees provide Thanksgiving dinners
Employees of White’s Fresh Foods on State Line Road pitched in Wednesday to provide complete Thanksgiving dinners, from turkey to dessert, for three needy families. Above, left-to-right, Borderview Christian Church Minister Kirk Langston prepares to make a delivery while store employees Phyllis Archer, Mike Rambo, Bill Rose and Jeff Daugherty make sure the recipients of their gift have all the trimmings.

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  Mike Rambo, manager of White's grocery store, 700 Stateline Rd., decided Wednesday to share the store's bounty this year with needy families in the area.
  "We were back there talking today about how we'd like to do something for the needy. Things are going good for us; our business is way up. We decided to pitch in some money a piece and bummed money off other employees to buy two whole dinners for families," Rambo said.
  Staff gathered two entire dinners - from the turkey and gravy all the way to dessert - then called area ministries to find families who could benefit from their gift.
  "We called Hale's Ministry and The Salvation Army and the Department of Human Services. At first, they couldn't find anybody who needed it. Everyone who had requested help had gotten it," said Phyllis Archer, who works in the grocery store's meat department.
  Local ministries finally found two families who needed assistance. One family was a single father with two children whose home had been destroyed by fire.
  "He was in bad shape. We give it to him and he got all teared up and everything, and that just makes it all worthwhile," Rambo said.
  A second family who received a free Thanksgiving dinner is a young couple from Butler with two small children. Archer said the husband is unemployed because he hurt his back in an accident.
  The two then decided to donate a third meal on their own. The food went to an older woman who is suffering from health problems.
  "I've been happy ever since I gave to those people. We're setting new goals now. We want to do this at Christmas and next Thanksgiving," Rambo said. "I'd love to spend at least one Thanksgiving doing nothing but serving people."