Milligan wants license plate

By Lesley Hughes
star staff

  Specialty license plates are the "new rage" to display pride in your favorite team, pastime, organization or college. Milligan College is hoping to join the ranks of those with specialty license plates available for private vehicle use.
  Theresa Garbe, director of alumni relations, has heard from alumni and friends over the past few years requesting a specialty tag for the college. When staff first investigated the idea, the number of those interested and who pre-paid was much higher than today. Now, the college only needs 100 interested people to sign on. Pre-payment of $35 is required.
  "We are very excited about this. It is a very attractive plate. We hope Milligan alumni and friends will proudly drive it around on their cars," Garbe said.
  Currently 30 people have signed up since the option was made available in September. The specialty plate has only been pitched to alumni who attended homecoming festivities recently and to current faculty and students. In the upcoming edition of the campus magazine, sent to all alumni, contact information will be provided.
  Because of the initial response, Garbe feels the plate could gain enough signatures by January and be on its way to production.
  The plates will also be available for personalization of up to four numbers for an additional charge of $35.
  For more information or to sign up and pre-pay, contact Garbe at 461-8718 or Shirley Brookshire at 461-8917. To send in payment by check, mail information including name, address, and which county the license plate will be issued from to P.O. Box 101 Milligan College, TN 37682.
  After enough interested applicants pre-pay, the Tennessee Department of Safety will inform them when the tag is ready to be picked up at their local county clerk's office.