SOLD to the highest bidder

By Lesley Hughes
star staff

  Sold to the bidder in the back row! Carter County is getting ready for its annual auction. Big items on the inventory list include an impound lot full of cars, dozens of handguns and rifles, and computers.
  The auction is scheduled for Dec. 4 at 10 a.m. with Ritchie Auction presiding over the event. Finance Director Jason Cody said, "This is probably the biggest sale we have ever had."
  According to Cody, three main items bring the most attention during an auction: Cars, guns, and computers. More than 25 cars, a mix of drug seizures and surplus vehicles, will be on the auctioning block. One item is sure to bring Mustang lovers out for a peek. A 2000 model Ford Mustang has been cleared for sale. Cody expects this vehicle to get a lot of attention and, hopefully, bids.
  Surplus vehicles, mostly from the sheriff's department, are also popular. Although surplus vehicles have high mileage, they also provide the advantage of being well maintained throughout their service years.
  Cody said he has seen many bidders use the cars as first-time vehicles for teenage drivers. He also told of a man at last year's auction that bid less than $100 for a vehicle and then drove it off the lot. "It is a good way to get a cheap car. You can't beat that. I even see surplus cruisers that people still drive every day."
  Approximately 20 handguns and 30 rifles will also be available. At last year's auction, only a few computers were sold but each brought several interested bidders. This year, 15 computers will be available.
  Although specific plans have not been arranged yet, Cody said preview times for the vehicles and other items will be announced closer to the auction date.