Man commits forgery to miss work

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

    A Carter County man has been charged after an investigation revealed he forged documents claiming he was serving jury duty so that he could miss work and still receive his pay, according to police.
    Michael Dean Pierce, 38, 1010 Frosty Lane, was arrested Wednesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Audrey Covington and charged with 12 counts of criminal simulation, which is a Class E felony.
   According to Covington's report, a Carter County Clerk's Office employee contacted her and said that Flour Daniel, a Sullivan County business, had contacted her regarding an employee of the business who had missed an unusual amount of time at work. "Fluor Daniel's representative advised that Michael Pierce had turned in 12 work excuses stating that he was serving as a juror in Carter County," Covington states in her report. "Pierce was paid for those days, which estimated over $2,000."
   Covington interviewed Pierce concerning the matter. "He admitted that on Sept. 2, 2003, he was in court and had received a work excuse," said Covington. "He then stated that when he missed work he would turn in an excuse that he had made by making a copy of the excuse he received on Sept. 2, 2003 and whiting out the date and time on the excuse and putting the date and time he had missed work."
    Pierce also advised Covington that Fluor Daniel paid him for the lost time at work when he turned in the excuses to his supervisor.
   According to the police report, Pierce turned in forged work excuses from the Carter County Clerk's Office on Sept. 22, 23, and 30; Oct. 1, 8, 9, 20, 21, 22, and Nov. 25.
   According to Tennessee Code Annotated, "a person commits an offense of criminal simulation who with intent to defraud or harm another makes or alters an object, in whole or in part, so that it appears to have value because of age, antiquity, rarity, source, or authorship that it does not have," or when that person "authenticates or certifies an object so made or altered as genuine or as different from what it is."
   Pierce is slated to appear in General Sessions Court on Dec. 1.