CCCIA discusses opposition to zoning in Roan Mtn.

By Lesley Jenkins
star staff

Concerns over county-wide zoning are still brewing in the Roan Mountain district. A newly formed group named Carter County Citizens in Action held another meeting on Tuesday night to express opinions and direct questions to four county commissioners who attended.
   All the county commissioners and County Mayor Dale Fair were invited to attend the meeting so they could hear more public opinion on land-use planning made effective Oct. 20.
   Fair submitted a letter to the group stating that he had two previously scheduled meetings to attend that evening. In the letter, he invited anyone with concerns to schedule an appointment with his office, and said he would be happy to address questions.
   CCIA Vice President, Mike Shotkosky, announced that the CCCIA has filed a petition for judicial review in Carter County Chancery Court. Shotkosky said the motion was filed on Monday and that he hopes to hear from the judge in the near future.
   The petition states, "We the property owners of the unincorporated community of Roan Mountain, Tennessee protest by petition that approval of growth plan for Roan Mountain was illegally created because the town is unincorporated and not annexed."
   Commissioners John Lewis, John D. Snyder, Jack Buckles and Joe Woods answered questions.
   Lewis said, "You can have all these meetings as you want to. You can go to the next county court meeting and the next one. You are not going to get a two-thirds vote to overturn this. Do you see what I am saying? All you can do is legally change it ... unless you get a lawyer and someone to read the fine print and find a loop hole and what they did if they did something wrong.
   "My advice, I hope it is right, is to try to find a loop hole. Where it is at I don't know. But a two-thirds vote - forget it."
   The CCCIA encouraged anyone who is not registered to vote to do so before the next election, so that commissioners can be elected who will vote to rescind zoning in the Roan Mountain district.
   The next meeting will be held Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. at Hampton High School.