City planners approve zoning of Murray Hill subdivision

By Thomas Wilson

   The Elizabethton Regional Planning Commission released a local developer from having to pay a performance bond covering flood-preventive improvements made to the property.
   The commission voted 7-0 at Tuesday night's November meeting to release Carmen Dugger from a $6,375 bond he was required to pay to bring his Murray Hill Subdivision development up to city zoning standards.
   Dugger posted a bond totaling $6,375 in October 2002 to cover improvements done within the city right of way. The improvements directed by the city included Rip-Rap for a ditch along the left side of Dugger Road Extension in the subdivision. The bond also covered repairing sides of the road in the subdivision to drain surface water away from adjoining properties on Hillview Drive.
   The bond amount also included $1,400 to raise two fire hydrants in the subdivision to meet zoning regulations as demanded by the city.
   At a December 2002 planning commission meeting, property owners bordering the subdivision said there was no sewer to collect water runoff. The commission instructed Dugger to raise a manhole cover above the property's grade, fill in the low area, and leave hay bales and siltation fencing in place to prevent water runoff onto adjoining properties.
   City Director of Planning and Development David Ornduff said the required adjustments had been made to the property per an engineering firms specifications.
   The subdivision lies on an elevated tract of land off Southside Road.
   "This subdivision has been approved about five times," Dugger told the commission Tuesday night. The commission had given preliminary and final plat approval to several lots in the subdivision save those affected by the drainage issue.
   After voting to release the bond, the commission voted 7-0 to give final approval to three lots in the subdivision that were delayed due to work requested by the city. The commission also voted unanimously to require that a $27,300 maintenance bond with a life of two years be established by Dugger to cover potential problems affecting the road, water line and sanitary sewer line associated with the subdivision.