Holiday proves quiet for county

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   Halloween passed quietly this year, as it has for the last few years, without many incidents of vandalism or violence according Carter County Sheriff John Henson.
   "We had the quietest one I've ever seen. It was an unusually quiet Halloween," Henson said. "I am real pleased that it was so quiet."
   Halloween has long been a holiday associated with pranks such as throwing eggs at houses and cars, strewing toilet paper in trees or around houses, cutting trees down over roadways and setting fires to fields, abandoned houses and barns.
   "As far as a barn or dwelling fire, we did not have one. We didn't have any egg throwing. We had a couple of trees cut down, but that's nothing for Halloween," Henson said. "We did have one incident of paintballing in Roan Mountain at a nursing home. We've got two real good suspects in the incident and hopefully we can make an arrest soon.
   "Hopefully, with the pranks and stuff, people have grown up and outgrown that kind of activity."
   With Halloween falling on a Friday night this year, Henson wanted to make sure that his department was prepared in the event something major occurred. Three out of the four operating shifts at the Sheriff's Department were on duty Friday night as well as officers from the department's reserve program. The constables from the Tennessee Constables Association were also working in their respective districts in the county Friday night.
   "It's better to be prepared and then nothing happen than to have something happen and not be prepared for it," Henson said a few days before the holiday about his decision to have so many officers on duty.
   The fact that so many officers were working may have been one of the reasons that very little activity of a criminal nature occurred Friday night. "We did have everyone out and in my opinion that contributed to the quietness of it," Henson said.