Carter County woman needs lung transplant

From Staff Reports

   A group of concerned volunteers have launched a campaign to help Judy McCullough, a local woman who needs a lung transplant at Vanderbilt University Hospital.
   Local volunteers are working through a national non-profit organization, National Foundation for Transplants (NFT), to raise the approximate $25,000 in costs relating to Ms. McCullough's transplant that will not be covered by her insurance. The local campaign, chaired by Ms. McCullough's sister, Linda LaMoure, Bristol, will work to raise the money through special events, product sales, and appeals to the public for donations.
   Ms. McCullough is the second transplant patient in her immediate family to require a lung transplant because of emphysema. Her brother, Gary Roark, Marion, Va., is doing well after his lung transplant in February and is serving as treasurer of her NFT campaign.
   Before she was disabled by her illness, Ms McCullough worked for 16 years for Harris-Tarkett Flooring.
   As a lung transplant candidate, Ms. McCullough joins more than 80,000 people who are on the national organ donor waiting list, including more than 3,832 awaiting lung transplants. Only 24,110 transplants were performed nationwide in 2001, including 1,053 lung transplants, because there are not enough donors available.
   Although Ms. McCullough's insurance and Medicare will cover the cost of her transplant surgery, she faces extensive out-of-pocket costs for travel, food and lodging because she and a caregiver will be lodging in Nashville for a minimum of three months following the transplant.
   Those wishing to contribute to Ms. McCullough's campaign can mail a tax-deductible donation to National Foundation for Transplants for Judy McCullough, P.O. Box 144, Marion, VA 24354-3226.
   For more information about organ donation, NFT, or Ms. McCullough's campaign, call 800-489-3863.
   Events and activities to raise money for Ms. McCullough's campaign are now in the planning stages. Those interested in helping may call her at 542-3773.