Carter County work camp escapee found in Virginia

From Staff Reports

Freddie Day Jr., 28, an escapee from a Northeast Correctional Complex community work crew, was captured Monday night in Jonesville, Va., a few miles north of the Tennessee border.
   Lee County, Virginia authorities found Day inside a barn on property that belonged to his parents. Detective Fred Roush said authorities acted on information received from the public indicating Day might be there.
   Day will appear in court tomorrow regarding extradition proceedings. If he refuses to waive extradition, the Tennessee Department of Correction will seek a Governor's warrant for extradition.
   Day escaped from the Carter County work crew Oct. 3, 2002, in the community of Keenburg near Elizabethton. He was a minimum-security inmate assigned to the NCC Annex.
   Day was serving a 25-year prison term for especially aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault at the time of his escape. He was convicted in Sullivan County in 1995.
   Upon his return to Tennessee, TDOC will seek to prosecute Day for felony escape. Felony escape in Tennessee is a Class E felony and carries a one to six year prison sentence.