City personnel work into evening to repair ruptured water line

From Staff Reports

   Workers with Elizabethton Public Works Department spent Thursday evening working to repair a ruptured 8-inch water line behind AAA Discount Auto Depot on West Elk Avenue.
   The water line break occurred shortly before 5 p.m. Thursday.
   "It is a weather-related break," said Tracy Guinn of the public works department. "(Lines) will break when the ground shifts."
   Workers used a bulldozer to divert water flow away from the line to determine where the rupture had occurred.
   Guinn and supervisor Eric O'Quinn were awaiting a part to patch the ruptured line. Guinn added that local businesses might experience lowered water pressure until the damaged line was repaired.
   "Once we get the part, fixing the line shouldn't take more than 10 minutes," Guinn said.