Organization to benefit from label collection drive

By Greg Miller


   Eleanor Andrews is coordinating a drive to collect labels, lids and UPCs in an effort to provide a new 15-passenger van for Hale Community Ministries, 1301 Arney St. The goal is 1.5 million labels. Hale's Community Ministries will use the van to transport children to "Big A" Club meetings.
   "Right now, they're using vans from other churches," said Andrews, who attends Oak Street Baptist Church. "They have a van, but it's an old van that was given to them."
   Other Baptist churches and churches from other denominations are already assisting with the effort, according to Andrews. "We'd like to have all churches involved in it," she said.
   "People from North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Middle Tennessee are sending me labels. I have a friend from Middle Tennessee who is getting labels from her church, and she's also getting them from the Home Demonstration Club in Wilson County. She also works in a nursing home that is getting them for us."
   Andrews asks churches and individuals who want to help with the effort to send the labels to her or to Oak Street Baptist Church each month. "If we get a buildup, it's kind of hard to work through a million labels," she said.
   Boxes for label collection have been placed in every Sunday school classroom at Oak Street Baptist Church.
   Andrews asks that the labels be removed carefully from the cans. "Please cut the labels from the back side," she said. "If they tear the labels in the front, we cannot use them."
   Needed are the following labels: Anything Campbell's in a can (soups, beans, juices), Franco-American gravies or pastas, Prego sauces (less than 46 oz.), V-8 or Splash. Needed are the following lids: Campbell's ready-to-serve soups in plastic (with plastic lid), Pace picante or salsa, Prego sauces (46 oz. or larger). Also needed are the following UPCs: Anything Pepperidge Farm in paper, plastic bags or cardboard, Campbell's Soup and Recipe Mix in a box.
   Andrews requests that all labels be sent by the middle of May. For more information, call Andrews at 542-8658. Labels, lids and UPCs may be sent to Eleanor Andrews, 605 Riverside Drive, Elizabethton, TN 37643, or Oak Street Baptist Church, 804 Oak Street, Elizabethton, TN 37643.