Tax notices mailed to city property owners

The City of Elizabethton mailed 2001 property tax notices to 6,000 property owners last Friday.
   City property taxes for the year 2001 are due and payable without a penalty until March 31, 2002, according to City Manager Charles Stahl.
   If City property taxes are paid prior to Nov. 30, 2001, a two percent discount will be applied, Stahl said.
   Applications for Property Tax Relief for elderly or disabled homeowners, including disabled veterans, are available at City Hall.
   City finance department employees will assist property owners in completing the application form for property tax relief, Stahl said.
   To qualify for the program as elderly or disabled, the combined annual income of property owners cannot exceed $11,800 for the year 2000.
   Beginning April 1, a penalty of one-half percent and interest of one percent will be added to the amount of property tax due each month.
   State law requires the city treasurer, on July 1, 2002, to turn over to the City attorney for collection all delinquent taxes assessed for the previous year, plus an attorney's fee of 10 percent. By Oct. 1, 2002, the City attorney is required to file with the Clerk and Master of Chancery Court a list of all delinquent taxes.