Unaka Elementary student charged following threat


   A 14-year-old Unaka Elementary School student was issued a juvenile summons Friday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Loretta Cloyd after the officer responded to the school regarding a student possibly having a knife.
   Several students told teachers that a student had a knife at school and that they heard him make a statement that he was going to do bodily harm to another student when they got on the afternoon bus. Students stated that the juvenile showed them the knife in various locations, including on the bus, in the classroom, and in the lunchroom. The students also gave a description of the knife.
   Upon conducting a search of the school, the knife was located in the student's homeroom class, wrapped in a T-shirt and placed in one of the cubbies where students keep their personal belongings.
   The juvenile admitted he was upset at another student and also admitted that the knife belonged to him but he was unsure how it got to school, according to Deputy Cloyd. The knife, which was a dagger with a 5-1/2-inch blade, matched the description given by students.
   Statements were taken from fellow students and the juvenile was released to his guardian following issuance of the summons.