Walk of Honor construction begins Nov. 11

  From Staff Reports
  Groundbreaking for the new Elizabethton-Carter County Veterans Walk of Honor will be held on Veteran's Day immediately following a wreath-laying ceremony at the Veterans War Memorial at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11 according to Deacon Bowers, chairman of the Elizabethton-Carter County Veterans War Memorial Committee.
  All veterans from Carter County are invited to attend both Veteran's Day events on Pine Street in downtown Elizabethton. The U.S. Marine Corps unit from Gray will provide a 21-gun salute as part of the wreath-laying ceremony.
  The Elizabethton-Carter County Veterans War Memorial, constructed with public donations and in-kind contributions, honors 256 Carter Countians killed in combat in all wars since World War I. The memorial was dedicated on Nov. 11, 2002.
  The Veterans Walk of Honor, phase two of the war memorial project, will salute present and former veterans from Carter County who were honorably discharged. Their names and branch of service will be inscribed in 3,581 bricks made of granite stone, which were sold at $50 each for the project. The bricks will be placed in a wall, 340-feet long, to be constructed between Elk Avenue and East E Street in the Walk of Honor.
  The American flag, as well as flags representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, and the MIA/POW flag, will be displayed at the Walk of Honor.
  "We are proud of all Carter County veterans and recognize the contributions and personal sacrifices made by them and their families. The Walk of Honor will forever preserve their names for present and future generations," Bowers said.
  Cost of construction of the Walk of Honor, including labor and materials, is estimated between $160,000 and $180,000. Revenue from the sale of bricks, public donations and in-kind contributions are expected to defray construction costs. Labor will be furnished by the Carter County Annex Community Service Group, Bowers said.
  The Elizabethton-Carter County Walk of Honor is scheduled to be dedicated on Veteran's Day of 2005. Reedy & Sykes Architects and Design, Inc., Elizabethton, designed Phases I and II of the Veterans War Memorial project.