Inmate charged after stealing bib clip from dentist

By Abby Morris
star staff

  An inmate from the Carter County Jail has been charged with theft after he reportedly stole an item from a local dentist's office where he was taken for treatment on Friday.
  Earnest Earl Brewer, 24, no address available, was charged by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Audrey Covington with theft under $500 and the attempted introduction of a weapon into a penal institution.
  According to a report on the incident by Covington, she had been in the Carter County Jail and answered the telephone and it was the dentist calling to report the incident. "Dr. Harold Lane advised that Earnest Brewer came in with a jailer to get dental work done," Covington states in her report. "When Brewer left, he took a bib clip, which is two roach clip-like items used to hold the bib on the patient's chest."
  At that time, according to the report, Covington and fellow criminal investigator Johnny Blankenship went down stairs in an attempt to intercept Brewer before he was able to make it into the jail with the item. "As Brewer exited Lt. Forest Sharpe's vehicle, I advised him to give me the item that he stole from the dentist's office," Covington states in her report. "At which time, Brewer produced the bib clip that was hidden in the crotch area of his pants."
  While speaking with Brewer, the inmates advised officers that he had hidden the bib clip in that area of his pants so that Sharpe would not see it. He further stated that the woman who had been working at the dentist's office was aware that he had taken the bib clip.
  "I called Dr. Harold Lane's office and spoke with the dental personnel who assisted Dr. Lane as he worked on Brewer," states Covington in her report. "She advised that she was unaware that Brewer had taken the bib clip until she was cleaning her work station after Brewer left and noticed it missing. She then advised Dr. Lane who in turn called us."
  At that time, Covington charged Brewer with theft of property under $500 and the attempted introduction of a weapon into a penal institution.