Two inmates charged with assault

By Abby Morris-Frye
star staff

  Two inmates were charged with theft and assault Thursday evening after they reportedly attacked a fellow inmate and stole money from him.
  Sean Jamerson Arnold, 31, Princeton Apartments, Apt. 20, Johnson City; and Alan Curtis Stafford, 22, 430 Beasley St., Johnson City; were both charged with assault and theft of property under $500 by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Charlotte Walker.
  According to reports, at approximately 11 p.m. on Wednesday, Jody Shon Danner, 32, of Zionville, N.C., alerted on-duty jailers by beating on the door of his cell block. Danner was being housed in the "H Block" of the Carter County Jail.
  When jailers responded, he advised them that he had been assaulted and robbed of $38.
  "Mr. Danner was taken out of the block and sent to the hospital for evaluation," states Walker in her report on the incident. "While at the hospital, with officer Ivan Sluder, Mr. Danner gave a statement, then (I) brought photos of the inmates of "H (Block)" to the hospital. Mr. Danner identified Alan Stafford and Sean Arnold as two of several inmates that jumped him, beat him up and stole $38 from him.
  "Mr. Danner stated that he was standing at the doorway of the last cell when someone pushed him into the cell and out of the view of the camera. When they pushed him, he fell to the floor and they started jumping on him kicking, and beating him."
  Danner advised Walker that at some point during the attack, someone had stolen the money out of his sock.
  According to the report, Danner suffered cuts to the areas around both his left and his right eye as well as several abrasions to his scalp. He face was also swollen and bruised.
  Due to the fact that Danner identified Arnold and Stafford as his attackers, the two were charged with assault and theft under $500. Arnold and Stafford are scheduled to appear in Carter County General Sessions Court on Tuesday.