Couple arrested after wife shoplifts 26 boxes of Sudafed

By Abby Morris-Frye
star staff

  A man and his wife were arrested Wednesday afternoon on narcotic and theft-related charges after employees at Wal-Mart reported to police that they caught the woman trying to shoplift a precursor ingredient for manufacturing methamphetamine.
  Margie Marie Danner, 30, and her husband, Jody Shon Danner, 32, both of Zionville, N.C., were arrested by agents of the First Judicial District Drug Task Force shortly before 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Margie Danner was charged with shoplifting, possession of drug paraphernalia, felony possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of stolen property. Her husband was charged with possession of stolen property.
  According to reports, officers of the Elizabethton Police Department were dispatched to Wal-Mart in reference to a female subject shoplifting. "When I arrived I spoke with Loss Prevention personnel," states EPD Sgt. Matt Bailey in his report. "They advised that they had observed a female subject go into the ladies restroom and open 26 packs of Sudafed and take the medication out of the box and place them into a backpack that she was carrying. The female then attempted to leave the store and was stopped by Loss Prevention."
  The female was later identified as Margie Danner.
  Agents of the DTF were also dispatched to the scene due to the fact that Margie Danner reportedly was attempting to steal several boxes of Sudafed, which contains pseudoephedrine used in the production of methamphetamine.
  Officers and agents spoke with Jody Danner in reference to his wife attempting to shoplift, and he said he did not know why she would be shoplifting Sudafed.
  While investigating the incident, officers discovered that the vehicle registration tag displayed on the Danner's vehicle had been reported stolen out of North Carolina.
  Agents of the DTF also spoke with Margie Danner about why she had been attempting to steal 26 boxes of Sudafed. "Mrs. Danner stated that she knew a guy in North Carolina that paid $150 for 30 boxes of Sudafed," states a report by a DTF agent.
  Police took Margie Danner into custody on the charges of felony possession of drug paraphernalia and her husband Jody Danner into custody on the charge of possession of stolen property.
  While conducting a pat down search of Margie Danner, officers discovered in her backpack five "roach clips" in her front pocket along with a set of hemostats with drug residue and a pipe used for smoking marijuana which also had residue.
  Margie Danner was then additionally charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. She was issued a citation charging her with shoplifting.
  Both Margie and Jody Danner are scheduled to appear in Carter County General Sessions Court today.