Beth Estep is new health educator at Carter County Health Dept.

By Rozella Hardin
star staff

  Beth Estep is the new health educator at the Carter County Health Department, filling the vacancy created by Terry Henson, who moved to the regional office.
  A native Carter Countian, Estep prior to accepting the health educator position, worked in community development at the Northeast Tennessee Regional Office. Estep attended Unaka High School and is a 2000 graduate of East Tennessee State University, receiving a degree in community health.
  Estep said she chose public health for a vocation because of her desire to not only work with people, but to do something to help people live a better life. "I wanted to do something educational," she explained.
  As health educator, Estep will be working in targeted areas. "One of the immediate focus areas will be diabetes, among both adults and children. We have a large number of diabetes in Carter County. We will also be stressing cancer prevention and education," she said.
  The new health educator will be working in the schools, particularly with family life education, and other areas where youth can be targeted, such as good nutrition, suicide prevention, safety, alcohol and drug abuse as well as tobacco use, etc.
  "When we go into the schools and into the community, I want the instruction I give to go far beyond me and my initiatives. I want what they get from me to become the tools to a better life. In the schools, I hope the teachers will use what I give them as guidelines to teach health every day in the classroom," Estep voiced as her goal.
  "In the past the Health Department, working hand in hand with the Carter County Health Council, conducted rural clinics, hoping to raise the level of health awareness. We hope to continue that," she added.
  Estep has just returned to work from maternity leave. She and her husband, Daniel, who is employed at Sycamore Shoals Hospital in the lab, are the parents of a four-month-old daughter, Kendall.