Eggers hopeful about ministry

By Greg Miller
star staff

  JOHNSON CITY -- Lisa Eggers, Executive Director of Fresh Start Surgical Gifts of Tennessee, hopes the free surgeries have a lifelong impact on the children who receive them.
  "I want to see that change in a child's life, that opportunity given," Eggers said. "I have no clue what will be done in these children's lives, but I know by having the surgery and having this opportunity, better things will come. They have hope for their futures. We've had students that have gone on to college. We've had students that have gone on to work in the community and that, to me, is a major, major success."
  Fresh Start provides free reconstructive surgery, primarily to children who suffer from physical deformities caused by birth defects, accidents, abuse or disease.
  "The goal has been to expand the program," Eggers said. "We have other specialties that are now interested in doing cases with the program."
  A Fresh Start surgery weekend was held Saturday at East Tennessee Ambulatory Surgery Center. The weekend was sponsored in part by Speedway Children's Charities. "I have to say a big 'thank you' to them, because they do give back to the local charities, and that's important," Eggers said.
  Eggers' husband attended Moody Aviation. The couple eventually did mission work in Ecuador and lived in Russia for about two years.
  For more information, call 282-3476 or visit