Local gas station offering full service for one day to raise money for high school sports

By Lesley Jenkins
star staff
Years ago, when drivers pulled into a gas station, they never had to step into the frigid air, spill gas on their shoes, and worry about pumping an extra penny into the tank.
Those days have come and gone, but for one day on Nov. 1, Roger and Murray's Raceway Market, 704 Broad Street, will be bringing back the good ole' days of a full service gas station.
The idea came to Raceway Market owner, Roger Forbes, when he became concerned with area high school sports' teams needing to raise money. "I was talking to people that have teams and I decided to help," said Forbes.
Forbes offered to donate all of Saturday's gas sales profits to Hampton High School's Lady Basketball team in exchange for team members working at the station to provide full service to customers.
The Lady Bulldogs will be at the station from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. to clean windshields and pump gas in to raise money for their team. Donations will also be accepted.
Forbes hopes to have a full service day for more school teams. He said the profits he makes from a single day's gas sales aren't an extreme amount, but he hopes the fundraiser will prompt motorists to donate additional money to the team while the ball players pump gas.
Forbes estimates profits to be approximately $1,000 for gas sales, and he will also be giving a percentage of convenience store sales to the team.
The weather outlook for Saturday is sunny with the temperature predicted to be around 76 degrees. Players won't have to endure cold temperatures, but motorists will be able to stay in the driver's seat and relish full service with a smile.