Details released about wreck; local teen still recovering at home

By Abby Morris
Star Staff
A local teenager is still recovering at home three weeks after a near-fatal traffic accident. Jessica Ramey, 18, of 121 Ed Davis Rd., sustained a severe head injury in a single-vehicle traffic accident in the early morning hours on Oct. 5.
According to Cathy Shoun, Ramey's mother, Ramey actually died at one point, but emergency personnel with the Carter County Rescue Squad were able to resuscitate her.
An investigation into the cause of the accident was recently completed by Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper James Jackson. According to Jackson's report, the vehicle in which Ramey was a passenger crashed on U.S. Highway 91, then spun twice in the road before flipping.
The vehicle was driven by James R. Wilson, 21, of 104 Midway Drive. Wilson was charged with felony reckless endangerment, violation of the seat belt law and violation of the open container law in connection with the accident.
According to police, the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed, which contributed to the accident. Using evidence at the scene of the crash, Jackson estimated the car was traveling approximately 113 mph at the time of the wreck.
Wilson lost control of the vehicle while traveling east in the center turning lane of U.S. Highway 91 and the car began to spin. "(The) vehicle did two 360s in the westbound traffic lanes before (the) tires struck (a) curb causing (the) vehicle to flip and roll," Jackson states. "Vehicle No. 1 rolled onto its top on Opal Brook Drive and came to final rest on its wheels nest to the stop sign at (the) intersection."
Jackson estimated the vehicle traveled approximately 919 feet from the time it entered the first spin until it came to rest after flipping.
According to police, Wilson had been drinking; however, he was not charged with driving under the influence, and no field sobriety or blood alcohol content tests were administered.
According to Shoun, Jessica is recovering at home and is continuing to make progress. "She's doing much better," Shoun said, adding that Jessica had recently underwent another CAT scan to examine a hematoma she sustained as a result of her head injury. "The last one she had showed some change. The next one is coming up on Friday and we hope there will be some more change."
"We're just hoping the hematoma will get smaller."
Shoun said Jessica still has no memory about the events of the accident.
Despite the severity of Jessica's injury, which left her in a local hospital for a week, part of which was spent in an intensive care unit, Shoun is still maintaining a positive outlook. "I think that her prognosis is going to be good," Shoun said. "I'm just going to keep my faith in God."