Two juveniles cited for having pot in school

From Staff Reports
Two juveniles were charged with possession of a drug after a substitute teacher at a local high school observed one of the students handing something to the other.
The two juvenile males' names were not released due to their ages, but each was issued a juvenile petition to appear in court, according to a police report.
According to Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Loretta Cloyd, the school resource officer at Unaka High School, Gary Williams, who was working at the high school as a subsitute teacher, saw one of the male juveniles remove something from his front pocket and hand it to another student. "At that time, Mr. Williams approached the two juveniles and requested them to give him the item," Cloyd states in her report. "The item appeared to be a marijuana cigarette inside of a medication bottle. K-9 Bubba was utilized and gave a positive indication to the substance."
The parents of both juveniles were notified of the incident and advised to appear in court with their child.