Local teen still recovering from accident

By Abby Morris
Star Staff
A local teenager was released from the hospital over the weekend after sustaining severe head injuries she received from an Oct. 5 car accident on U.S. Highway 91.
Jessica Ramey, age 18, was seriously injured in the Stoney Creek community in the early morning hours. The cause of the accident is still under investigation by officers of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.
Following the accident, Jessica was transported to the Johnson City Medical Center hospital, where she spent a week undergoing treatment. A portion of that time Ramey spent in the hospital's intensive care unit.
"She's doing a whole lot better," said Kathy Shoun, Jessica's mother. "Emotionally it has been quite a shock on her."
Kathy said it was hard to see her daughter, who she described as emotional and animated, lying in the hospital with what she described as a "blank look" on her face. "... Now she is starting to show some emotions in her face instead of that blank look ...," Kathy said.
Jessica's inner strength has helped her overcome her injuries and even helped her battle death. "She's very lucky to be alive right now because, at one time, she wasn't. She had died," Kathy said. "I saw the ambulance driving without its lights on.
"She is strong. She is very strong."
Jessica was released from the hospital on Saturday and is recovering well, according to her mother.
Though she still suffers from some memory loss, Jessica did not lose many of her abilities as a result of the head injury. "When she woke up she still had her motor skills and her speech, but no memory," Kathy said.
Jessica is still undergoing some tests to determine the level of her progress. "She had to go for another CAT scan this week to see if the bleeding in her head has completely stopped," Kathy said, adding that Jessica's memory is beginning to come back in flashes. "With prayer I know she will heal."
Kathy said she is thankful for everyone who showed their support and concern for Jessica and kept her in their prayers. Many visited Jessica in the hospital and sent her cards and flowers. "I think that helped her recovery too, the love that was shown her," Kathy said. "The doctors and nurses said they think it helped her too."
Also, the people who fought with Jessica to save her life need to be thanked too, Kathy said. "The people with the (Carter County) Rescue Squad were wonderful," Kathy said. "They did not give up on her."