Leadership changes at Moody

From Staff Reports
Leadership changes hands as Moody Aviation phases through its last few years in Elizabethton. Cecil Bedford has been appointed the Department Manager of Missionary Aviation, replacing Ed Robinson who stepped down officially on Oct. 3.
Robinson cited the responsibility of leading the closure of Moody Aviation campus in Elizabethton and agreed to step down as Department Manager, although he will continue to work with Moody Aviation until his retirement in June 2004. Robinson's father created the ministry of Moody Aviation years ago.
Bedford will oversee the entire aviation school in Spokane, Wash., and Elizabethton. Bedford has worked with Moody Aviation for more than 25 years.
Dan Gleason has been appointed the Director of Moody Aviation in Elizabethton.
The Elizabethton campus will be closing after 34 years of operation. Moody Bible Institute conducted a two-year study on the financial options of continuing the school. In the end, MBI decided to transfer parts of the school to the Spokane, Wash., location.
The final group of students will graduate in June 2005, allowing currently enrolled students to finish schooling at the Elizabethton location.