Options available for women with breast cancer

From Staff Reports
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Wellmont Health System has issued a press release to provide hope for women who have the disease.
"Women should never assume there is nothing that can be done for breast cancer," said Dr. Sue Prill, a medical oncologist at Wellmont Bristol Regional Medical Center. "It's never a hopeless case. There is always an option available, whether it's surgery, chemotherapy or hormonal therapy."
Breast cancer can affect anyone, but regular breast exams and an understanding of risk factors of the disease can enable women to detect problems early, increasing chances of survival, according to Wellmont health officials.
Women are encouraged to perform monthly breast self-examinations and should have regular breast exams performed by a physician.
Women older than 40 are urged to undergo a mammogram every two years.
"When performing a breast exam, women need to look for any changes in the breast like dimpling, swelling, discoloration or lumps," Dr. Prill said. "Anything unusual should be checked by a physician."