Investigation continues in Hampton shooting that left two injured

By Abby Morris
Star Staff
An investigation into a shooting that occurred in Hampton early Sunday morning leaving two men injured is continuing, according to Carter County Sheriff John Henson.
"We haven't charged anyone yet," Henson said. "We are waiting until we get to talk to Thomas Stout, the other person involved. He just got out of surgery yesterday (Sunday). We didn't get a statement from him."
According to Henson, the incident occurred around 3:15 a.m. on Sunday and left Bobby Dale Bobbitt, 63, of 121 Alexander St., Hampton, and his nephew, Thomas E. Stout, 46, of 123 Williams St., Hampton, injured.
"So far, what we've found is that at about 3:15 Sunday morning we got a call of a shooting up there at 121 Alexander Street," Henson said. "When the officers arrived they found Bobbitt and Stout. Bobbitt had severe head injuries from where he had been beat over the head with a rifle. Stout had a gunshot wound to the lower part of the abdomen."
According to Henson, investigators are trying to determine who the aggressor was in the incident. "We're waiting to see who the aggressor is on this thing, which it looks like its going to be Stout," he said.
Henson said Stout had met a woman in Johnson City, Aeline Durocher, age 39, of 3121 W. Walnut St., Johnson City, and the two of them went to Bobbitt's residence on Alexander Street in Hampton. "All of them had been drinking and they got into an argument. Bobbitt went two or three houses up the street to get Stout's mother and bring her back to see if she could settle Stout down. When he brings the mother back, things just get worse.
"They get into a fight inside the residence and Stout starts hitting Bobbitt over the head with a .22 rifle. During this scuffle, the beating and thrashing around, Bobbitt gets a .25 automatic (pistol) and shoots Stout in the lower part of the abdomen."
According to a report by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Patrick Johnson, when he and Tennessee Constable Harvey Shaffer arrived on the scene, the officers could hear an argument going on inside the residence. As Johnson approached the residence, he saw a man inside armed with a rifle, and when he approached from a safer angle, he demanded that the man exit the residence.
"During this time I could hear a subject being beaten inside of the residence and a male subject cursing and asking who had stolen his motorcycle," Johnson states in his report. "At this point, a female subject later identified as Mrs. Jean Banner (the mother of Stout), came onto the front porch and I asked her who was armed and she advised that it was her son."
At that point, Johnson asked Banner to advise her son to step outside the residence without the firearm. "I could hear Mrs. Banner advise her son that the sheriff's department was there and wanted him outside. I then could hear the subject running through the house toward the back," the police report states. "I ran to the rear of the residence and observed Mr. Thomas E. Stout exit(ing) the back door of the house armed with a rifle. At this point I began giving the subject verbal commands to drop the weapon at which time he threw the rifle into a bush and approached officers."
Johnson then ordered Stout to get on the ground, which he refused to do, according to the police report. Johnson and Shaffer had to restrain Stout by force and arrest him.
After taking Stout into custody, Johnson, Shaffer and CCSD Deputy Dean Jones entered the residence and found the victim, Bobbitt, who had several head wounds which were bleeding severely, according to Johnson's report.
When officers searched the residence they found the .22-caliber rifle Stout had used and then thrown into the bushes, as well as a .25 caliber handgun. "Evidence was found inside of the residence that at least three shots had been fired," Johnson stated.
Evidence of alcohol consumption and narcotics use were also found at the scene.
Both Bobbitt and Stout were transported to the Johnson City Medical Center Hospital for treatment. "(Stout) lost some of his intestines and part of his colon, I think. They are non-life threatening at this time," Henson said. "Bobbitt had several severe cuts and bruises on his head from where he had been beat over the head with the gun."
According to officials at the Johnson City Medical Center hospital, Bobbitt was listed as being in fair condition Monday night. The hospital is not releasing any information on the condition of Stout.
Henson said once the department determines who the aggressor was in the incident, a decision will be made concerning possible charges. "If Stout started hitting Bobbitt over the head with the gun, and so far the investigation is leading that way, then Stout would be the aggressor and Bobbitt would have a right to defend himself, most definitely in his own home," Henson said.